Mary Smith

Katie –

Victim Location 52722

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I located a horse trailer on quad cities craigslist I was very interested in. I called and emailed the first email. Then received a message to email Mary smith. She sent more pictures as requested. Then said she was in the military and husband died 3 months age and needed to sell the horse trailer. I wanted to buy it and then she told me that the trailer was in Omaha. That the transaction had to go through eBay. eBay has no such item. That someone previously tried to purchase the horse trailer but it fell threw so I would have free shipping because they already paid for the shipping’s that I had 5 days to get the trailer, look it over and Decide if I wanted it and then pay for it. All sounded very suspicious. Then my husband showed me a fraudulent email that was word for word what she told me. How dare she shame the military in this way and then to say her husband died ?!! Shame on her. I was so excited to finally have found the trailer of my dreams only to be scammed.

Shaun –

Victim Location 70003

Type of a scam Government Grant

Scammer posed as my Facebook messenger friend and told me to contact Mary smith about a government grant to receive $50,000

David –

Victim Location 83655

Type of a scam Phishing

We were searching for a horse trailer on Craigslist for Boise, ID area. We found one we liked & sent a text to the number listed to see if it was still available. They answered & asked for email to send more info & pics. We received email & responded saying we would like to buy it. We then received email back stating that the last deal fell thru & she was in the military, so the trailer would need to be shipped. She said we would have 7 days to inspect it before paying. She wanted our eBay account name so she could start the process. Knowing that my Paypal account is connected to my eBay I decided not to send her the info. It just sounds too suspicious. Please investigate this person today. Thanks

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