Massive Cart Wakandia Decor Perks Superstore

Micheal –

Victim Location 21771

Total money lost $58.91

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a Snoopy blanket from an on-line ad I saw from this company on 12/4/18. A month later, now January 2019, after receiving no response from the seller in regards to never receiving my item, I filed a dispute with Paypal. This morning, I see that Paypal denied my claim and sided with the seller because a tracking number was provided that showed delivered. I am disappointed in how quickly Paypal sided with the seller, as this is an obvious scam that should of been further investigated. Now that the tracking information was provided, I see that a label was created a city away from me on 1/9 and delivered on 1/10. I knew it was not likely that my product was coming from the next city. I called UPS and provided the tracking number and they told me that the tracking number was legitimate, however, it was coming from a pharmacy and the recipient had a different address. I went on-line under (Massivecart) and there are many many stories of similar experiences to mine. This is an obvious scam, and people like myself will continue to get scammed by this company until something is done to stop it. I will be calling Paypal this morning to overturn the decision that was made in favor of the scammer and I encourage anyone else who has come in contact with this scammer to do the same.

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