Mastercard and Visa and Experian imposter

Jessie –

Victim Location 98225

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Today is April 19, 2018 and I received a phone call about 2:30pm that would reduce my rates on my credit card. Was curious how this person thought I had a credit card that needed a lower rate since I only have 1 credit card at a 0 balance. I asked the man if he would give me his phone number and he would not answer. He continually kept talking to me and would not hang up even though I said that I did not need his services. He said that he worked for card member services with MasterCard and Visa (he said that they were the same company but I told him that they were 2 separate companies). I also asked him where he got my name from and he said that it was from Experian. Told him that Experian does not do that and that they do not give phone calls (he said the MasterCard and Visa was with Experian – that cannot be correct).

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