Kyle –

Victim Location 33776

Total money lost $250,000

Type of a scam Romance

Back in early June 2017, I met a person on He indicated his name was Robert *** , and he lived in Jackson, MS, but was going to retire after his last project, and would relocated to Tampa Bay area. His profile name was CJ. His final project was in Hong Kong, China, and he would be there for 3 months, then return home, retire, and collect his funds from successful project. The contracted amount was over $3M.

Robert provided me with a copy of the contract award letter from his client.

Robert switched to regular email via gmail and phone texting, once he left for China on 6/28/17,. We used these methods of communication, including speaking on phone numerous times each day. Robert "ran into various business related problems" which prevented him from accessing his offshore bank account in UBS. Again, he provided a UBS letter indicating his account had been frozen, and without paying project expenses, he would be in violation of the contract and get sued. He asked if I could temporarily lend him the funds, and as soon as he got to Zurich, he would repay me in full plus interest.

These activities continued untie late March 2018, when one day, I received a call from "the real" Robert ***, who lived where the "fake Robert ***" claimed to live. Somehow he got my contact info, and wanted to caution me that I was being scammed. He had his identity stolen, and the scammers opened numerous credit cards and ran the bills up. The real Robert then received call from another woman victim in Valrico FL. SH, too, was being scammed by the same fake Robert ***.

I contacted to inform them I was a scam victim, and lost nearly $250,000. I provided the profile name of the other member, and they assured me they would take care of it. The other victim continued to receive messages via Match thru end of April. Apparently, the scammer’s account was still active.

I have reported these crimes to the FBI local office, the FTC, IC3, State Attorney General’s office and local Economic Crimes Unit. Match does not have adequate controls in place to validate that members who sign up are real. Many times, these scammers use stolen credit cards to pay for their memberships, but Match does not deactivate the accounts.

I believe Match should post notices on their main login page, informing potential members of the recent scam frauds underway. If I had seen such a notice, I would have avoided their site like the plague. Match customer service has not indicated how they will prevent the scammers from creating new profiles, and go after their next victims. A recent article written by the in February 2018, indicates that over 1/2 the match population are bogus profiles, set up by such scammers.

How can the allow such a company to remain in business, when their lack of security and controls ensures there will be more victims for years to come.

Rafael –

Victim Location 63122

Type of a scam Romance

User name is either [email protected] or [email protected] – i do not know what the user name is. Please help me – i have paid out 15,000 to a credit counseling service to take care of this matter. I know you need a user name but i do not know the user name.

was wondering if the email address worked in finding this guy who took about 10,000 from me in nigeria. i know you cant give out information – but i had to pay back $16,000 back to a consumer credit counseling place which took me several years to pay back. let me know if you caught the guy who probably did this to other people.

thank you

jamie ransom

Thomas –

Victim Location 64804

Total money lost $180

Type of a scam Credit Cards

The site claimed to take $15 / month and then at the time of payment I was charged $180.

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