Alicia –

Victim Location 28803

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a phone call from new York while on the way to school.. So calling back it said that I was a winner for a free cruise, I just had to answer three questions.. which were all ridiculously easy.. so after answering them all right.. it said congratulations blah blah blah.. you’ve won a free cruise.. EXCEPT you have to enter your billing information and pay taxes.. which isn’t free at all. So I get online to do research and go on to (already knowing it was a joke) and chat with the "guy" who cannot spell correctly and doesn’t seem too interested that I’m leery about giving out my information. So after I chat with the live representative out of curiosity I search the contest and there are several links about this same "cruise" so i go to the other website and the website is set up the SAME exact way just with a different web link, and when I go to chat with the "live person" no coincidence its the SAME GUY! So of course I make him aware that I knows its a scam and advise him to at least make it believable.

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