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Please see the message below from our sponsor, The Lifetime Income Report. They have some important information to share with you today about your retirement.


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Dear Reader,

Please, tell me if you think this is fair…

While hard-working taxpayers like you are struggling to save for retirement…

And while the average retiree only gets $1,400 a month in Social Security benefits…

Several Congressmen (including the ones you see below) are laughing all the way to the bank…

Because they’re collecting what some experts are calling “Congressional Checks” of $115,000… $350,000… and even $2 million…

Checks that are available to you right now… Checks that SHOULD be yours!

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We actually found documents filed with the clerk of the House of Representatives…

Documents that prove they’re getting away with millions. (Click here to see it.)

Here’s the thing…

These checks are NOT some kind of perk exclusive to congressmen.

In fact, a few everyday folks like you are already cashing in.

Right now, there’s $1.17 trillion in total at stake… ready to be distributed in 2018.

Don’t let these politicians take all this cash.

Honest, hard-working Americans like YOU deserve this money more than anyone else.

And it couldn’t be easier…

If you want to collect your first Congressional Check…

You just need to click here, follow my instructions… and act before Sept 13.


Matt Insley

Publisher, Lifetime Income Report

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