Reginald – Jul 01, 2020

Victim Location 95825

Total money lost $40

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

these people offered me along over 2 weeks ago and this guy’s name is Matt they send me a text message first and then like they never put my loan in my account but they have my account information so I would like to sue them for false advertising and stolen identityto me I gave them my account information I took two credit checks online that I have to pay for it out of pocket but yet I never received my $2,000 so I need help finding a lawyer because I’m about to sue them for false advertisement and then I called yesterday and Mr Matt was supposed to be calling me all day long never call me can you please email me at [email protected]/424-420-7373

Jon –

Victim Location 77840

Total money lost $1,384

Type of a scam Employment

My daughter went to a website to seek employment. After she enrolled she received an email. The person told her she would be added to their payroll. They were going to send her an advance of $1832.10 but she needed to go to Walmart and send $1300 worth of Itune gift cards and send a picture of the back of them to him. She proceeded to do this. The next day she looked at her checking account and there were two charges from Apple ITunes where money was taken out of her account unauthorized. We have a great bank who actual saw those two charges and sent my daughter a text to see if she made those purchases or if it was fraud. After four days, the check that was sent to her bank was an invalid check so she was out that money as well. Its a hard lesson for a college kid to come across. Also, via this website they were able to access my daughters mobile banking password and ID. I sure hope no other young adult is caught up in this scam!

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