Maureen Pomeranian

Lauren –

Victim Location 40351

Total money lost $550

Type of a scam Other

I ordered a puppy from Cuties Pomeranians, I sent $550 through Western Union. Then I get a call from PetSmart Delivery to get it flown to me. They wanted an additional $880, that was when I started getting worried. I reported it to Western Union and they also reported it to the police.

Now the same group has a new web page using Maureen Pomeranians. Same story about having a speech problem, that is because he can’t speck English very well.

They have numerous complaints against them.

I have also contacted PetSmart and they are aware of them and trying to catch them.

So you have 3 web pages, Cuties Pomeranians, which has been taken down. PetSmart Delivery, and Maureen Pomeranians. They will only contact you through email, when you have ordered a dog then you get instructions to send the money. I had problems and they actual answered the phone, that is how I found out that they foreigners.

I hope you can help stop them.

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