maxwell reed and associates

Heidi –

Victim Location 76549

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

A lady called and said that I had won second place in Publishers clearing House Sweepstakes and the prize was $500,000. She asked if I had received a letter about two weeks ago with the information. I said I had not. She then said I would have to give her info for a release to recieve the money by courier, but no personal information such as SSAN, account number or anything like that was required. She then asked if I had a picture ID and I said yes a drivers license and she asked if it were current and I said yes. I then asked her for the name of her law firm and she told me. Then she said she would asks some questions to fill out the release form. I told her that I would check out her business with the BBB because ther were so many scams now adays. Then she hung up.

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