Mb realty

Bridget –

Total money lost $30,000

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

MB Realty Multinational Brokers

600 THIRD AVE 2nd floor NY, NY 10016

(917) 970-0739 (646) 568-5356


I call 1 (917) 970-0739 spoke to a lady, she gave me the last part of the E-mail they are now using: From .COM to .NET the same people no misunderstanding.

Mr. Meal J. Miranda – Junior BROKER- International Acquisitions.

Mr. Shawn Decker- Working for MB Realtyllc, Multinational Acquisitions.

Mr. Thomas S. West – Senior Broker – International Acquisitions.

Mr. Jack R. Norris – Chief Executive officer – CEO.

Mr. Eric Mandell- Legal Division – international Acquisitions.

Mr. Timothy Stevenson – Authorized Chief Financial Officer – MB Realtyllc, Multinational Brokers.

Mr. Jose Hernandez Rivera – Corporate Buyer MB Realtyllc, Multinational Brokers.

MRS. Natalie S. French – Head Escrow Officer – international Acquisitions.

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MB Realty National Brokers are involved in a FRAUD / SCAM NETWORK OPERATION IN MEXICO.

The people they are working with in Mexico are IMPERSONATING MEXICAN OFFICERS.

There are in for MULTIPLE THEFTS (GRAND THEFT) and FALSIFIYING DOCUMENTS. Serious charges that haven’t been action yet by the FBI IC3 AGENCY.

I challenge Mr. Neal J. Miranda to contact the Local Police – To star an Investigation. The investigation would have determine the seriousness of their involment.

Mr. Neal J. Miranda response:

I’m telling you what needs to be done to get your money out of Mexico. If you want to do it or not, it’s your choice at the end of the day. I don’t need to call no one else for this matter because the local police or FBI cannot get your money back for you. Call me.


Neal J. Miranda


International Acquisitions


?? (917) 970-0739 ?? (646) 905-0316

?? www.mbrealtyllc.net ?? [email protected]

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ATTENTION: NY Local Police Department and FBI.

1. NY Local Police Department and FBI are you ready to take that challenge. To put an end this type of Corruption and preventing others Individuals in having their MONEY Stolen by MB Realtyllc.

2. Are you going to TURN your BACK or WALK Away: Let them to continue Stealing MORE MONEY FROM OTHER INDIVIDUALS?

Note: If you had any dealing or were a Victim. You need to bring your CASE to the attention of the NY Local Police or the FBI IC3 Agency and present it to the Court.

Demand justice; if you want to COLLECT the MONEY that was stolen from you in reaching a fair settlement. More Victims coming forward with their Cases. Will add pressure on Mr. Neal J. Miranda to recover that Money from MEXICO.

Like Mr. Neal J. Miranda would say: at the end of the day!

The Public needs an Answer: They have a right to know what action will be taking against MB Realty Multinational Brokers.

I would recommend to stay away from them until the Authorities decide what action they will be taking.

Message from the Messenger.

This E- mail will be sent to the FBI IC3 Agency to be recorded.

Martha –

Victim Location 80012

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Attempting to collect "closing costs" prior to sale of timeshare. Of course I’m not going to send them money up front to close on the sale, but they insisted there was no risk as the costs would be reimbursed. Even showed me a fake bank statement from "Banorte Mercantile del Norte S.A." in Mexico City with the proceeds and closing costs included. Became quite hostile when I challenged their scam and said I would not send them any money up front.

Andrew –

Victim Location 39501

Total money lost $20,000

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Mb realty contacted us about buying our Grand Mayan timeshare membership for$37k. Mb realty asked for $6500 to be wired to The country of Mexico to be registered as a tax payer. That money was wired. That money was to be reimbursed and was supposedly deposited into escrow account along with the purchase amount. As we were waiting for reimbursment, I then got a phone call saying that Mexico was charging closing costs and taxes in the amount of $15,800.This money was also to be paid by the buyer and was deposited into escrow account.That money was also wired…. Again waiting for the sale to close and money wired to my account…. Again, another phone call that our money was held up by customs and an additional $19,800 was to be paid before the sale can be closed. We had then woke up and had enough and refused to pay any more money.We were then threatened repeatedly that if we didn’t pay this additional money we would be liable for interest to escrow account, 14% commission, lose the money already paid and we would lose our timeshare….After repeated attempts to get this money they went silent….They still have my 20k and not a word…. Major scam..We feel so stupid.We were taken big time. The broker’s name was Thomas West… Very dishonest, pushy, bad temper…. We should have known better….

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