McKinley Group

Terrance –

Victim Location 10031

Type of a scam Debt Collections

To whom it may concern,

On May 5th, 2016 I received a text message from my mother where she stated that she had been contacted by a Mr. Robert Knight from your firm regarding a past due account with Legacy VISA for the amount of $1,808.00. Her message goes on to provide settlement information, $655.75, as well as Mr. Knight’s contact information and information regarding the issue being sent to court.

After receiving my mothers text message I phoned Mr. Knight and asked who did my mother speak with from your office, he advised that she spoke with someone else. I informed him that it is against the law for collectors to provide anyone other than the debtor with the account information of the account that is in collection. He stated that she provided "someone" with my date of birth and that is why she was given the account information. I asked Mr. Knight what other methods of vetting were used to confirm that this individual who phoned was in fact the debtor or had power of attorney over my affairs and that is when Mr. Knight hung up. I phoned Mr. Knight back and asked if he hung up on me and he stated that he did because I was not listening. He sated that I could just be served and go to court. I never once raised my voice, nor was I talking over him. He hung up again because he stated that I was not listening to him. I phoned back I advised that I would like to speak with someone else, and Mr. Knight stated that everyone was in a meeting. I asked for his full name and title and he advised that he is the Director of Operations. I stated that I was attempting to resolve the matter and he stated "it does not matter to me if you pay it or not I don’t get anything out of it". I stated that I would like to speak with someone else to resolve the matter and he stated that everyone was in meeting and that someone would have to phone me back.

Since I spoke with Mr. Knight I have phoned back several times and have been sent to voicemail.

Attached you will find an image of the text message from my mother.

I phoned back and spoke with a Thomas Brooks who advised that he could not provide me with any information and that I was to cease and desist. He kept shouting over and over cease and desist. I then phoned back from a private number and was informed by a Christina that I could just disregard the issue. I asked for their mailing address and she refused to provide me with it.

I look forward to speaking with someone from your office regarding the aforementioned issue.

Thank you, and have a great day.

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