McLeodUSA Telecommunications Services

Nicole –

Victim Location 98053

Type of a scam Phishing

Sounds like "Can you hear me?" scam

Robin –

Victim Location 01757

Type of a scam Tax Collection

This business has been closed and merged with Praetec now Windstream. If you google the phone number they used to call me from 509-570-1925 someone with a foreign accent answers. Online research shows from others posting about this scam that it comes back to a business that is since closed/acquisitioned called McLeodUSA Telecommunications Services, which was bought out by Praetec now Windstream. The number rings you and it is automated saying you are being sued by the IRS and a warrant has been issued for your arrest. THIS IS A SCAM!!!

I am an employee of a local city office of emergency management in the state of Massachusetts under the parent Department of Homeland Security/FEMA. I did file a complaint with a police officer in my town I personally know and filed a complaint with the IRS via their website.

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