Meadow Lake Lending

Allen –

Victim Location 03825

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They told my wife that she was approved up to $15,000 but she told them $10,000 would be fine now they did all this without asking any questions about her credit etc. Then came the Loan Agreement 6.5% for 4 yrs which the payments would have been $236.75 monthly which would be fine. Then came the collateral payment of $710.25 which they wanted her to do a moneygram for that amount and send it too a individual in Canada which I said no way that is a red flag along with paying for the loan up front over the phone. I dug deeper into this company and noticed that the same CEO From this company just got done from Maywood Financing being i am assuming shut down and that was also a red flag warning.

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