Meatech Systems

Caitlin –

Victim Location 28211

Type of a scam Employment

Offered a job as an Officer Manager from Warren Cole with Meatech Systems. He said he got my resume from I had only one phone interview then offered the job via email. I received an offer letter, employment contract and a list of duties. Company was moving to downtown Charlotte and opening a new office at 227 W Trade Street. My initial responsibilities included buying office supplies for the building and eventually meeting with the realtor. Said I would be on payroll starting 7/30, at the time I would receive the keys from realtor, have new hire orientation and training. The first step was to receive a cashiers check made to me in my name and I was to deposit it in my personal account. The cashiers check was drawn on Bank of the West for $4950. I took the check to my bank and had them call to verify funds. Bank of the West stated the cashiers check was no good and not one of their checks. I also verified with the leasing office for the street address given that no plans had been made for Meatech Systems to locate there. They had never heard of them. I also verified that no business licence had been issues for the company. I was smart enough not to deposit the check into my account. No money lost but no job either.

Gary –

Victim Location 28078

Type of a scam Employment

A man claiming to be Warren Cole, HR Director, contacted me from my resume as most headhunters do. He interviewed me briefly and then said he was interviewing other people. 2 days later I received a job offer for Office Manager that looked real. Unfortunately, once he said he was sending me a check to cash for office supplies for a new location of the company I became suspicious. I asked for information about the new office and for a call with he and the Realtor in charge of the lease, nothing happened with trying to prove its legitimacy. Pleased do not get your hopes up because this is an awful thing to do to job-seekers.

Sabrina –

Victim Location 28262

Type of a scam Employment

I was emailed by a Warren Cole ([email protected]) for an Office Manager position based on what was stated as resume recommended by Indeed jobs requesting a phone interview where I had to answer 3 questions. Shortly after the interview, I received an offer letter and requesting information. This appears to be a SCAM as I am sure my experience and background do line exactly to the job description and I am sure there would be further queries needed.

Brandon –

Victim Location 64138

Type of a scam Employment

They will find your resume then email you a role you might be interested in. Then they will email you if you are interested and ask if you would like to interview. They ask 3 questions in the phone interview. Why would are you best for this role. What are you 3 strengths and weaknesses. When can you start? After the interview, they email you right away saying they will contact you later that day. They send another email saying you got the job and outlining generic details of the job. They then begin asking for personal ID information and ask for your banking information for direct deposit.

Johnny –

Victim Location 55126

Type of a scam Employment

I am not sure if this company is legit. They offered me a job offer to accept stating they would send me a "check" to order office supplies for a new office/data center opening July 9, 2018. They would not provide the address of the new St Paul, MN office and I am concerned if the check could expose my bank account to fraud and drafts.

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