Mediation Processing

Jamie –

Victim Location 37051

Total money lost $567

Type of a scam Debt Collections

One month ago I received a phone call from a different company stating that I owed a student loan debt (I did) they said that I had a week to pay it or they would take legal action. They settled it out for an amount that I could pay & I paid it. Got paper work stating that it was done & everything. Then a few weeks later I receive a text message from a man stating his name was Corey Davis & was stating that I still owed the debt for the same amount the other company said. I stated to him that I had paid it, & he said that his plaintiff? Had no records of the payment for me to send him the paper work so I did. He said he would call me back in a few days after he showed this said plaintiff to let me know what could be done about the debt. I never received a phone call back. So I called the college which the loan was through & they stated that the company calling me wasn’t the collection company that I was to pay the loan to & that they had no indication of me paying the debt. So I was scammed by the first company. Corey Davis said that if the loan wasn’t paid that legal action would be taken &a that they did not have to send me anything in the mail as I had not received anything stating the loan was in collections. The lady from the schools billing office stated that the loan I owed was not the amount that Corey claimed it was & they they do not persue legal action over the loan. I’ve had my car threatened to be taken because of this loan. I’ve been called numerous times stating that legal action is being taken & paperwork is being filed under my name & social. They had addresses that my parents live at & how they have gotten these addresses I’m not sure considering I’ve never lived there. (My parents moved after there divorce). They did have my current address to & said they was going to send someone to my house with paper work & said it wouldn’t be a sheriff. I’ve been told that if it’s a civil suit it has to be filed within the court & when I called my counties sheriffs office they had no indication of anything being filed & ever sent someone to my house to file paperwork because I was being scammed. I paid the first company that’s money that I can never get back. I just want to stop being harassed I want to be able to sit in my home & not have to worry about someone coming onto my property or someone taking my only transportation to work. I work very hard & my car payments are paid up to date. My government loans are getting paid so I don’t have to worry about my hard earned money gettingvtaken. I just want to stop being threatened & I want some answers because the school is telling me that I have nothing to worry about but yet I keep getting these calls & text messages for Corey Davis from mediation’s processing. I have all documentation of where I paid this loan to the first company. I have call logs showing how many times this company has called me. I have all the voicemails. I have the text messages. & I have a recording of the phone call between the billing office at the college where the loan is through.

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