Jillian –

Victim Location 46324

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

[email protected]

01/23/2017 Deposit XXXXXX9632 $1,500.00

01/23/2017 Deposit XXXXXX9632 $1,800.00

I found this job on Facebook. It was a simple to help a starting company to pay employee payroll. It was only to a couple of hundred of dollars. In turn, I was depost, a amount of 33,000. I was told it is simple. So, i did it. I did thru

westen Union. They were a little angry with me. They did think I did it. In turn they reverse it on 1/25. I was in the for

3300 in a joint acct both me and my wife. I was assure that the money would be return. Today, I had recieved 6600. One amount to cover the amount due. and the other is going to do another job. In all reality, the money is going fraud location. One went to Nigeria and the to West Virginia. When I did the research, they did have a address and website. I did the research again. It no longer exist. I have been working with a middle person who has been doing this for about three years. The bank has been involve. They have lock my account from taking out any more money out of my account. I still have to talk to Detection and Resolution. We had agree that both my wife and me set up a separate new accounts.

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