Medical Examiners office – Can you hear me Phishing Scam

Justin –

Victim Location 12180

Type of a scam Phishing

I was scammed a few weeks when man from called and asked if I could hear him ok.I said Yes and he hung up.He called several times.I am getting many calls from other numbers, telling me they are from a mortgage refinancing co asking me if I am the owner of the house I said No, they then ask if the owner is there.They are trying to get me to say yes. I told them never to call back. i now don’t answer the phone. I have several different numbers from phone calls over the past week I have been keeping track of. I will list them below. I am now getting text messages also, from 1 company saying it was verizon with an attachment that says load preview.Another one says get 512.44 from with an attachment saying load preview. this text was from number 3059857540 other numbers:5185958682, 5185393000, 18003385960, 5183820605, 5185958678, 5186723051, 3095189595,2108990246,5182919990,518282-1115,8442625410,5183088998,1888-691-2268… this is just from 1/20/17. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t answered the phone but my phone keeps ringing with these calls and now text messages. I started answering this morning to tell them to stop because now when someone calls me legitimately asking if this is *** (A bank just called me about an auto loan) I’m not saying yes and I’m afraid of being scammed and have my identity stolen. I’m afraid by me saying Yes to that initial phone call where he asked can you hear me? They may have somehow stole my identity or super imposing my answer YES to charge me for things without my knowledge. This is what I saw on the news. If I need to do anything please call me and tell me what to do.

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