Keri – May 18, 2020

Victim Location 91768

Total money lost $39.95

Type of a scam COVID-19

Ordered face masks on line. Gave my credit card for payment. 6 weeks later, no masks. They indicated the masks were en-route. 4weeks ago. This company is a scam!

Samuel – May 02, 2020

We got scammed for US$680.00.
They should string these turkeys up if they catch them. has either been shut down, or forcibly closed.
They are now marketing as
Be careful and everyone, if you get any clues to identify them, then post them here. One of us will get them.

Jorge – Apr 24, 2020

This place is definitely a scam. We ordered masks back in the beginning of March and were billed immediately. We were given tracking with a site that is not valid. Nothing updated and the tracking continued to say “in transit”. I have contacted a number of agencies and this is being investigated. We were taken for three orders but hope that by sharing this information, all shoppers will carefully look over the site and all of its information before shopping. They will likely attempt to reopen their site under another name. They’ve already used Medical-secure, Medical-protector and flu-armor for advertising and billing information. Be on the look out for these and similar marketing scams!

Louis – Apr 21, 2020

I ordered a box of masks and a box of gloves from this site on March 20th for a total of $65.00. I got a order number and a tracking number. Two weeks later I had no updated shipping information so I sent the company a e-mail. No reply After another week I sent another e-mail requesting the order be cancelled, no reply. This company is a complete scam. Do not order anything from them! It has been over a month and I still cannot get in contact with them.

Willie – Apr 18, 2020

Total lost $170.00

I ordered on March 12, only email I got was confirmation of payment, no tracking, no product and no respond from Sellers. I wrote to the email over 20 times, at first will get auto respond, now don’t even get them.
I agree that people scam and cheat at this tough time is totally disgusting.
The website does not allow feedback input and if anyone is checking before they order (unlike I did base on desperate timing), DO NOT deal or order through this Seller.

Terry – Apr 15, 2020

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Initial means of contact Email

I ordered 20 packs of N-95 mask and received tracking and order number. I followed-up in 2 weeks, asked for the order number but it was in the initial email, and I never received a follow-up. I researched the company on today as I hadn’t heard anything back from them and we really need our supplies. It brought me to a scam complaint site and I read the reviews in which were the same thing I went through.

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Nichole – Apr 15, 2020

I placed an order just for 20 packs of N-95 mask because another branch used this website and I was under the impression that they did the research as well. I received the tracking information but didn’t download the app. I patiently waited because I knew things were going to slow down due to every medical facility attempting to get supplies. I sent an email 2 weeks ago and someone replied withing 24 hours and asked for the order number. I sent the information with an attitude because my original email was the snippet with all of the information. I never received a follow-up. I researched the website today because I was sure I should have received an update by now or the supplies. when I googled it brought me to this website about scams. I am so upset that we are in the middle of a crisis and people are seriously taking advantage of the situation. People are out of work and dying daily…I am just so upset at this moment.

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Devon – Apr 15, 2020

I have had a similar experience with this firm. I ordered Carbon Face Masks and N95 masks on the 11 Feb 2020 with a total cost of $77.42.
I have emailed them several times – at first asking for shipping details, which amounted to being in transit from China. Because of failure of goods to arrive I have sent several email requests for a refund but without reply. It is now 15 April and I am no further on.

Anne – Apr 09, 2020

They are surely a scammer. I have seen many reviews from many websites regarding their fraud. Don’t buy anything from this store. They are scammers.,, medical-protector all are the same seller, please don’t buy anything from these 3 stores. I lost $160.

Kathleen – Apr 09, 2020

There were 2 red flags at the Medical-Secure.Com site. First, there was no phone number, no email address, and no postal address. Second, the only method to pay was Apple Pay. Although I keep only one credit card in Apple Pay, I knew that some people keep cash in Apple Pay. If so, they would have great difficulty getting that cash back in a scam. Nonetheless I ignored the two red flags and put in an order for face masks on March 6, 2020. When they never arrived I sent a message from their website asking about it, but never got a reply. And then looked up my credit card activities and on March 6, the date of purchase, it was charged to my credit card, but the charge was made to another company name that was part of the same scam. Thebthe name of that company was, a scam company. I telephoned my credit card company and they immediately reimbursed the cost and sent me a letter three days that it was a permanent reimbursement, that my claim was legitimate. when I googled Flu-Armor, the first link was to a legitimate medical supply company named, which warmed on the first page about the Flu-Armor scam and asked victims to email, which I did. I got a rapid response back. The scammer is known and lives in Montreal and a legitimate company is currently in a court case with him. This scammer is still operating but he’s changed the name of the company that had been called Medical– to If it were not for this corona crisis, which has me holed up at home, I would go to Montreal and I would shoot skunk oil in the scammer’s face, pour a bucket of red paint over his head, andr glue from a glue gun all over his clothes.

Cory – Apr 07, 2020

I ordered masks from this company at the beginning of the COVID-19 virus warnings in the U.S. My credit card was charged approximately $150. I never received masks nor a response to my emails. They have changed their “company” name since I ordered. It sounded legitimate and hopefully the credit card company will drop the charges. Look at new iterations of their supposed company before ordering.

Fernando – Apr 03, 2020

Total money lost $129.95

Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

At the height of people’s fears this scammer was ready. and 4 weeks later changed to

I ordered masks for my husband, 76 yr old father in law and myself $129.95.

Professional Medical Carbon Face Mask (Black)

100 pcs pack

I thought they were coming from Florida, but the tracking link sent me to China Post. The tracking number was posted 4 weeks ago, but there is NO tracking.

I’ve emailed this company 2 times with NO response what so ever. There is no phone number on this website.

They are using a Shopify platform. I’m contacting them right now to alert them and ask for their assistance. To prey on people’s fears at a time like this with Covid-19 is just disgusting. 

Cassie – Apr 02, 2020

Scammer’s website

Country China

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Initial means of contact Website

I ordered face masks through them and received a confirmation number and an email saying that the face masks were ordered and on their way. I have tried contacting them to no avail.

Bobby – Apr 02, 2020 is a TOTAL SCAM I to ordered masks and have not received them nor have I heard from them with repeated emails sent to them. BEWARE

Dale – Mar 15, 2020

Victim Location 92067

Total money lost $689

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Ordered surgical masks and paid in full via Paypal. A confirmation email arrived from the company with confirmed purchase and a tracking number that was linked to a page with no additional information. After trying to contact the company via their email with no success I read other reviews that there were others with the same buyer experience. This company is a complete fraud. It’s been 2 weeks and there is no contact or reply from the company on my order.

Emmanuel – Mar 11, 2020

Victim Location 81303

Total money lost $127.34

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Ordered N95 face masks. Was given an order # and tracking #. Tracking # said product was in transit from China. Emailed after 14 days not receiving product, never received a response. Looked company up and says they are a scam.

Carmen – Mar 11, 2020

Victim Location 30092

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I bought a hundred N95 masks for $350.

Two days later, they sent an email that they shipped the items. But there was no tracking info. It’s been 10 days and no one is answering my emails.

I have checked this and they change their products& price every day. The pictures of masks were totally different from what I bought.

I googled there site to see if they are scam, obviously they are. There are many people just like me. Beware, they are total scam.

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