Medicare Internists

Cheryl –

Victim Location 48225

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Dr xxxxxxxxxx and husband are hacking other folks computer devices, televisions, phones, modems, and entering homes without permission. I know because I worked in the same office building as Dr.xxxxxxx for another doctor who is the owner of the building. I sat next to one of the guys who at the time was hacketing the computers in our office. I suit my job in November, because the hacking has come to my apartment where I reside. Every device in my home has been compromised/ hacked. My family and friends devices have been hacked. This is going on in Dr xxxxx office and outside of her office. This is a sophicsted organization and I have my devices and other information which will provide proof. This is an iPhone which I am using now and it has been hacked so we are being monitored as I type. Verizon is sending me another iPhone which will be the 3rd iPhone I have gotten from Verizon in 2-3 months. I will give you more information when you contact me. Presently my phone number will be changed next week when I receive my new iPhone. I have a Mac Book Pro and they are compromising it. This is a bazaar and dangerous situation which has compromised my life and others long enough. The hacking needs to end now!

I greatly appreciate any help that you can give to stop the hacking.


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