Mega Logistics Express

Haley – Mar 27, 2020

Victim Location 33919

Total money lost $450

Type of a scam Online Purchase


We are among the thousands of people scammed each day who are further humiliated and damaged by the financial institutions that fail to serve us.

Banks are not working hard enough to protect us from fraud and when it happens they are even less helpful.

With the advantage of today’s technology, Banks should not be helpless in the face of these thieves. They and Payment Processors need to do a better job protecting customers after the fact.

If Banks and Payment Processors would do their job and ensure all people using the financial system are who they say they are, it would not be possible to create non-reversable transactions. Fraudulent use should be able to be reported. We knew we had a problem within an hour. It took us almost 16 hours to make a report. And we were actively trying. We also can’t fathom why the thieves’ accounts can’t be frozen. I guess Banks think that sense it isn’t their money, they have no responsibility. We think they do. Morally, if not legal. And the later needs to be changed.

Minimally, it ought to be possible to quickly report and verify scams. Having done so payments to email addresses should be flagged and no other funds transferable in or out of the account. And finally, phone numbers should be closed down without a long delay. It should never be possible for the same scam to be used more than once. Particularly with the same processor, same email, same phone number(s), and same scammer. Certainly, they are capable of building new websites, contacts, etc. But why does the financial industry make it so easy for the criminals and so hard on us consumers?

We were ashamed to find ourself a victim of a Pet Adoption Scam. This embarisment, however, pales in comparison to our astonishment that our Bank can’t help us. First, it took multiple phone calls (waiting on hold for more than an hour each time) to report the scam to Chase Bank. The 3rd call was done within their offices as the report made at the bank was not considered sufficient. This last call was even more infuriating as the Bank must have been aware that they would not cancel the financial transaction. Naturally, we also filed a report with Law Enforcement. We believe STRONGLY that banks can reverse these transactions if they wanted to. We also believe that they can readily shut down the accounts perperating these scams. But they don’t. All we expect from Law Enforcement is to help warn others in our community. But Banks can be made to fix this problem with proper regulation.

Our challage to you as a Senator or Consumer Advocate is to do a better job of regulaing Banks and Payment Processors. We need laws to protect us from their negligence.



Dr. John & Pamela Elcik

15117 Cloverdale Drive

Fort Myers, FL 33919

(561) 543-3626

BACKGROUND: Puppy Scam Report

Scam Domain

The Scammers Name

Mary Dwyne, Shaniecee, Maxwell (Mega Logistics Express), Gregory Forest

The Scammers Email Address

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

The Scammers Phone numbers

804-239-9012; 802-234-1353

The Scammers physical address

Mary Dwane gave her address as 1357 Ghent Commons Dr., Norfolk, VA 23517

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Details about the scam (min. 50 words)

The Scammer (Mary Dwyane) offered for Adoption two Hananese dogs: Brisco and Micky and claimed that they had recently moved to Norfolk, VA. to an apartment that didn’t allow pets. We paid $450 to Mega Logistics Express International Pet Cargo Agency for home delivery to Fort Myers, Florida. The payment details were to use Zelle and make payment to [email protected] Account Name Shaniecee was referenced. Later in the day, there was an URGENT request for an additional $720 refundable deposit for an airconditioned crate. Maxwell was our phone contact with Mega Logistics Express. We got suspicious. Apparently, this is a common scam per We missed the warning signals.

Cc: The Following:

Senator Rick Scott

Senator Marco Rubio

Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto


National Association of Consumer Advocates

Consumer Reports

Chelsea –

Victim Location 23510

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Inquired about a pet listed on Craigslist. "Maxwell" wanted $450 to transport the pet to my home thru Mega Logistics Express. shows up as a pet scammer website on

Travis –

Victim Location 11234

Total money lost $450

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Craigslist ad. Asked to ship through a 3rd party.

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