Mega Marketing

Russell –

Victim Location 55060

Total money lost $229.85

Type of a scam Other

This "company" calls itself Mega Marketing – touting/selling magazine subscriptions at a discount. The scammer reaches out to the elderly and other vulnerable adults by phone and convinces them to give out their credit card number for purchasing years of the magazine(s) they somehow know the vulnerable adult is already receiving, so they reference the magazines by name. I believe this to be a successor to a fraudulent company called "Magazine World" , also out of Texas -who bilked many elderly and vulnerable adults out of their money – including my Mom under the guess of magazine subscriptions at a discount. Neither magazine (Time and The New Yorker) ever received payment, and did not extend my Mom’s subscription. I turned in a complaint on Magazine World to the Federal Trade Commission last fall (2018), but did not hear anything. This company – Mega Marketing – is the exact same scheme – even down to the same looking fake invoice. Please alert others to this fraudulent company. Thanks you .

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