Mega Sweepstakes & Lottery Company

Shanna –

Victim Location 96743

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Got a call saying I had won a sweepstakes prize blah, blah…..The voice of the caller was immediately suspicious so I hung up. He called back right away asking what happened. The caller James Anderson announced I won a 3.5 million dollar cash prize and a new Mercedes of my choice of color along with $200,000 to be deposited in Bank of America, one year of insurance coverage by GEICO and 6 month of free gas fom 7-11. He then handed me off to a James McDonald the CEO manager who gave a reference number 8824844796118523 and told me that the prize was 99% tax free. This is where I was sure it was a scam. The 1% was a registration fee and amounted to $420 which did not add up with any of the 3.5 million or the 200,000 or the car etc. I asked what was the company he was a CEO for and he said Mega Sweepstakes and Lottery Co. I asked where he was calling from 876-722-6634 in Patterson NJ. He was very insistent but oddly not convincing. He wanted me to go to a Walmart store and make a store to store money transfer. He wanted me to leave right now and to give him my cell number so he could be in touch when I made the transfer(I didn’t). Mean while I googled the Mega Sweepstakes and fake, fake, fake, scam where all over the page. I told the caller he was a fake but he would have none of it. I insisted he was a fake and hung up. He called back, I let it go to voice mail. He called again and I again let it go to voice mail. No message. I *69ed but they were unable to retrieve the number. They are certainly very enticing but they sound like some foreign gangster voice, not what you’d expect from a polished prize giveaway organization. I gave them way to much of my time but no valuable information.

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