Mega Van Lines Inc.

Nancy – Jul 08, 2020

Victim Location 28216

Total money lost $3,200

Type of a scam Moving

It all began when I filled out an online ad for long distance movers. Mega Van Lines contacted me less than 5 minutes later.

The man stayed on the phone with me for about an hour, giving him an inventory of my things. Over the phone, he offered me a handsome discount, and I received an estimate that was significantly cheaper than a different estimate I received from another company.

Convienently enough, I was informed that the company has “hubs all across america” and that someone in my area had moved back their move to September, and there was a truck on standby waiting to be filled!

When I was on the phone with the scammer, I asked them if I could call them back to continue comparing and he assured me that it would be okay to go through with it, and that the company had been very busy and there was no way that if I hung up the phone now he could guarantee me to have a truck with a date so close by. He hooked me, and kept me on the phone for over an hour when processing the payment- which was made on multiple accounts.

We planned for my belongings to be picked up on Sunday or Monday, and to be delivered Tuesday.

Sunday, no show no call.

Monday, I was called but unfortunately, we had to reschedule the move to Tuesday.

Tuesday comes along and I contact my driver, who tells me their truck has broken down, and they would have to rent a truck and they would see me the following day at noon.

I agreed because they took 1/3 of the total cost in the deposit.

Wednesday-no call. I called the driver again, and was told they were working another job, and would arrive to my place in another hour and a half.

Wednesday- No communication.

Wednesday- I decided to call the customer service and explained what the situation was. The woman who picked up the phone was very rude and patronized me when I told her about what was going on. She told me to be patient.

She contacted the driver, and called me back and told me they’d arrive in a hour.

I ended up calling them back, and explained to them I wanted a refund and would move on a different date because there had been no steady communication. I explained to her that At this point, I felt that i didn’t trust the company to come get my belongings and deliver them safely because of their poor communication. I was the one checking in when no one showed up- no one even called me in the first place to let me know that the truck broke down and they needed a rental.

No one called me to communicate any problems what so ever.

She denied me a refund, insisted I be patient again as they would then be there in 30 mins.

By the time they showed up, (4:30) I had personally moved all of the boxes downstairs to my garage (from the third floor) and they came in a RENTAL truck that was 75% full of someone else’s things!!

The driver then looks at me and says, “I don’t think all of your stuff is going to fit in here.” He then asks me to drive him to a Uhaul storage unit to rent another truck. I asked if he could uber, being as though I am a young woman, alone, NOT about to get into the car with this grown [censored] man.

15 minutes later, he didn’t call an uber. And tells me, “you need to take me now because if we don’t get this truck there is no way your things will arrive at your new place tonight”

I ended up paying for his uber ride.

When he came back with the Uhaul, 5 random locals who received a work ad from Craigslist came to assist in my move.

I overheard the men talking that they were getting paid $**/hr. So the two people who showed up originally BARELY did anything. BARELY lifted a finger.

The company allowed random people who didn’t even work with them to move my things.

That’s not even the kicker-

After waiting 2 days for a truck, carrying down all the boxes MYSELF, and loading 1.5 rental trucks and finishing the job around 7:30 pm (who moves that late?!?!)

After loading both trucks and obtaining all my belongings, they tacked on extra $800. One of the drivers told me that I was getting a great deal for a move like this, but also assured me that I needed to have all of the money ready in the morning when they showed up. If I didn’t, he wouldn’t unload my things.

Several items were broken upon arrival.

The entire point of hiring movers is to lessen the stress of a move and have professionals take care of you. Especially when you pay them thousands of dollars.

This company is unprofessional, extremely disorganized and has extremely poor customer service.

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