Megan P. Fowler

Melissa –

Victim Location 73044

Type of a scam Employment

I sent my resume to a law firm in Guthrie, Oklahoma, The Griffis Law Firm, and they said they had hired someone already and gave me the name and email address of a person who they said was looking for an administrative assistant. I emailed this person my resume and they sent back a set of general questions about me and where I work, etc. No personal information like Social Security Number of account numbers, just questions regarding my honesty, etc. The person said that I would be paid $780 per week no matter if I was busy or not doing her errands, paying her bills, etc. I asked this person for additional information about her i.e., who she was because she told me she was a retired real estate attorney who is now an entrepreneur and traveled a lot. I heard nothing for 8 days and then I got a check in the mail, via priority mail, in the amount of $2,495.00 from a company named RoadSport in Campbell, California, issued from United Security Bank in Campbell, California and sent to me from Ubique Logistics in Valhalla, New York. There was nothing else in the envelope. I then get an email from this person who said I was to deposit the check in my account so I could pay bills and airfare for her flights from Toronto to Singapore to New York. I told her the banks weren’t open when I received the check and sent her the requested flight information she asked for. She emailed me yesterday and asked me if I had deposited the check and I did not respond. This morning I received an email from her letting me know she didn’t appreciate me not responding to her and that she was going to report me to the local authorities. There is not formal agreement or contract between us and we have never met. I was beginning to think this was beginning to look pretty sketchy to me and so I have not responded to her and have not done anything with the check which I have at home. I can send a picture of the check later today.

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