Members Card Services

Arthur –

Victim Location 98103

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Called to inform me they are working with Experian and multiple Visa and Master Card providers including Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, etc., to help credit card holders reduce their interest rates. Could not tell me which credit card account he was calling about. Could not even tell me which bank it was for. Asked him what information they needed from me. He went into a sales pitch on how the government and was cracking down and credit card providers who charged in excess of 10% interest and that they would negotiate on my behalf to lower my interest rate. He said I had been identified as a candidate based on my debt repayment history. Asked him again what information he needed. He requested the current balance on my credit cards. Asked him why he didn’t have that information already. He said he was from Billing, and that account information was only available to other departments. Asked him why he needed my balance information then if they already had it. He said it was to confirm what new interest rate I would be eligible to receive. Told him $0. He hung up.

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