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A few of dozens of nonsensical claims by Martin Reilly, Creator of “Memory Repair Protocol" are below, each linked to an advertisement for another $37 magic cure. I should add, though that after some perseverance, they did give me a refund. My concern is that this organization is peddling "cures" to the public through Facebook and other means that are obviously invalid and sending out crazy videos about their magic cures where the "scientists" who developed them are hiding out in secret locations because of "threats to their lives" by pharmaceutical companies or the U.S. government!


Hi James, it’s Martin Reilly here…

Stunning new research from Yale University has revealed that if you’re doing this simple daily activity, you’re accelerating your Alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms by a frightening 87%.

But there is good news.

Doctors have shown that doing this activity ‘backwards’ can actually reverse Alzheimer’s, regenerating dying neurons and restoring brain function.

Find out more here:

Do this daily activity “backwards” to reverse Alzheimer’s

To becoming limitless,

Martin Reilly

Creator of Memory Repair Protocol

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Hi James it’s Martin Reilly here…

New research from Charles University in the Czech Republic reports that THIS everyday bathroom habit is now a leading cause of memory loss and Alzheimer’s.

According to the study, exposing rats to this substance resulted in the formation of amyloid in their brains — a plaque that scientists now know to be the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

The scariest part is, you’re probably doing this at least TWICE a day.

So what is this everyday bathroom habit that’s killing your brain cells, destroying your memory, and increasing your risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia?

Watch this short video to find out.

To a healthy mind and body,

Martin Reilly

P.S. During this video, you will also discover a breakthrough technique that thousands of people have been using to boost their brain health, dramatically improve their memory, and even reverse Alzheimer’s and dementia permanently – and in as little as 14 days.


Hi, it’s Martin Reilly here…

Guess which everyday alcoholic drink has been shown to reverse hair loss?

Is it…

A) Red wine

B) Beer

C) Vodka

Have a guess and see if you’re right here

Researchers at the University of Athens recently discovered that THIS popular nighttime tipple contains a special ingredient that BLOCKS the production of a little known enzyme now known to be the cause of hair loss.

During this controversial video you will also discover a ‘special recipe’ that 62,786 men and women have already used to stop their hair loss in its tracks, and regrow thick, full and healthy hair in as little as 14 days, without a single drug in sight.


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