Merchant Brokers Group

Johnny –

Victim Location 90638

Type of a scam Other

Merchant Brokers Group called my business today.

They asked for the owner and claimed they were our Merchant Service. We do not have merchant services.

They asked if we accept Credit Cards, I stated we do not. Told her we were not interested and asked that we be taken off the list. She said "No." and then informed me that they would be sending a terminal. I again stated that I did not want a terminal and told her I did not authorize them to send me anything. She said, "Don’t worry about it we are sending it." I again told her not to send it and explained that I have not requested anything from them and explained that I would be reporting them to the BBB. She insisted they were not a scam but that she’d be sending it anyway. I then hung up.

Raul –

Victim Location 11797

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Claimed to be the company which currently handles our credit card processing, which they are most certainly not, with an offer for lower rates on credit card processing. Then caller, who identified himself as "Abel," changed his story, saying he was calling from the "shipping department," and that this was not a sales call, which is clearly was.

Whitney –

Victim Location 78144

Type of a scam Phishing

A caller claiming to be from "Merchant Brokers Group" wanted to speak to the person who takes care of our credit card terminal and was asking if we have updated to a service that reads the "chips" in the credit cards. I told Her that I had no authority to disclose any of that information and asked her for her call back number and name. I was given 888-388-3015 and the name Shannon Richards. I did call the number and a woman answered and pretended to be a recording stating that all calls could be recorded and I could hear a lot of chatter in the background. I then hung up.

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