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Trisha –

Victim Location 75189

Total money lost $199.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

Not sure if I got scammed or not. Called AT&T at 1-877-267-2988 about not being able to get into my personal e-mail account. She said I needed a network clean up,remove hackers, worms and junk mail. To restart services and have a smart network firewall. She sent me to another person and he showed me with the cursor on my computer screen a lot of activity. He showed hackers and all kinds of malware. He showed on my screen a firewall that I needed. He showed a list of prices and I bought one for $199.99. I hope I didn’t get scammed. I called this AT&T number and it was transferred to them. I thought it was ok since it was an AT&T number. I called back to check and see if I talked to the right people and no one could give me a straight answer. I hope I wasn’t scammed.

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