Meridian Health or Central Well ServiceLLC

Autumn –

Victim Location 48197

Type of a scam Employment

I got an interview request from Meridian Health. They said they were opening an office in my area, but for the next few months this would be a work from home position. I signed onto to Google to do the interview which started right then, after I made contact. The interview consisted of an hour of questions that seemed really legitimate. I noticed that the interviewer had some trouble with English writing, like maybe Chinese or Mexican. Then they sent me a check for $2,450 by email and I was supposed to immediately do a mobile deposit and buy software with it after taking out my $100 sign-on bonus. They were ordering a high-speed laptop and it was coming to my home.

After I got the email with the check I noticed the check was missing a routing number, and Association was misspelled Assocition.

I had also in the meantime googled Meridian Health and found they are in New Jersey, not Texas.

I told the interviewer I was destroying the check and that they were a scam and wasted my whole morning.

Watch out! This was very convincing. I am a Univ of Mich grad with years of business employment and I almost fell for this.

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