Meridian Legal Department

Theodore –

Victim Location 80017

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called my sister in law, my parents and my boss’s personal cell phone asking about any and all information about me, where i live, where i work… They told all of them that I am being sued and if they don’t get all of my info they will see me in court. They left a phone number with my sister in law and i called. The lady was very rude and demanded my social number. When I wouldn’t give it to her she said ”I have it right here, I know everything about you" and proceded to give me my social and asked if it’s correct. To which i responded ”i’m not giving you my information”. Her response was ”ok then have fun in court” Super unprofessional, which definitely means it wasn’t real. Given that and the fact that they called my boss on his personal cell, I am milion percent sure it’s a scam. If i was about to be served, I would be, nobody would call to tell me about it. I called them back and asked for their address so i can send them a ”do not call” request letter, they wouldn’t give me any of their information and the man on the phone told me ”stop harassing me”. Ridiculous.

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