Merk Interlocking

Alison –

Total money lost $12,850

Type of a scam Home Improvement

This Company was building a front stoop,interlocking sidewalk and paving the driveway at a home on our Crescent. We asked him if he could repair loose flagstone on our stoop down the street. He went on to say he could power ash our small courtyard, level all bricks and add sand to bring our look back to almost new.We agreed to this.The Boss then said we had mold in our foundation which had to be fixed as it would ruin our finished basement and he was lifting the bricks anyway, so now was the best time. He then asked for $10,000.00 for materials and rent equipment to complete the job. we gave him the money and he did cement the stoop and dug the trench,lifted all the sidewalk, piled all the bricks and dirt from the 40ft. trench onto my grass and left! Never to be seen again and unavailable by phone or online. I’m sure I was scammed and this is how they do business. Oh, my neighbour had the same experience and are both left with a mess and uncompleted work.

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