Merrin Consulting

Brandi –

Victim Location 91030

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a message from a woman named Olivia Rhodes, saying that there was a complaint about to be filed against me, and they were calling to mediate. She then went on to never mention the firm, nor the complaintant. when calling the number someone angrily answered and said they were a company called Merrin Consulting. I have found nothing online about the company, the person who answered grew more irritable when i asked questions about who they were. He claimed they had 700 associates and handled everything from parking tickets to divorce and alimony. He said they were based in Murrieta California, i also searched this and again no signs of this company existing. The only company named Merrin i could find was in India.

This to me sounds like a scam i have read about online, where they scare you into giving them money to settle a bogus legal matter.

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