Metabank for RushCard, a division of UniRush

Marisa –

Victim Location 22203

Type of a scam Identity Theft

Second identity theft attempt, first one reported to you three weeks ago. This attempt came not from Columbus, OH, but from Metabank of South Dakota acting for an outfit called "RushCard," of Cincinnati. A Rushcard Visa Debit Card arrived in my mailbox on 29 March 2017. I did not apply for nor desire the card. It is apparently aimed at consumers with bad credit, since the debit card is advertised to not require a credit check. I contacted RushCard on 29 March and asked who had requested the card, since it was not me. The woman to whom I was speaking appeared to be working in a foreign call center, and her English was difficult to understand. When she asked me to confirm the contact phone number on the application and the email address the thief had provided, I was unable to copy the information. She then refused to read it to me again. I said it was mail fraud, wire fraud and identity theft and I wanted the card canceled immediately. I don’t know what has happened since. I have frozen my credit reports at the three major reporting services. The activity appears to be happening in Ohio, since a previous attempt to open a Zayle’s Jewelry Account in my name in Columbus. I am one of 22 million former Federal employees whose personal data was breached by OPM in 2015.

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