Metin Serbest

Jenna –

Victim Location 65807

Total money lost $4,525

Type of a scam Government Grant

The attorney was referred to me by what I thought was a very trusted Instructor and friend. I was told to contact him via Facebook by this friend to receive a ongoing federal government being that I am a college student. I trusted this friend without hesitation and reached out to the person involved. He asked me a couple of general questions about myself and then told me that I qualified for a $50000 grant to help fund my education. The attorney messaged me daily asking me to open several bank accounts to increase my tax growth. He also asked for my banking information so that he could deposit money to open the accounts, but in order for the process to begin I was told to purchase $250 in iTunes cards and screenshot the receipt and send to him in the form of picture to proceed. I opened 3 bank accounts and he deposited mobile checks into the account for me to purchase more iTunes cards for different amounts. It all seemed fine until he began overdrawing my accounts. I tried to believe that once I received the grant money it would all be okay but it wasn’t. I have lost roughly $4500 and because he has overdrawn my accounts I am not able to receive my financial aid which generally helps with expenses. My credit score has plummeted more than 350 points which makes a big deal in trying to fix the damage that has been done. He messages me daily to tell me that the clearance fee is almost paid in full so that I may receive the grant money that would be delivered by an agent. I have yet to see that come true and my credit is now beyond repair. It looks like my only option is bankruptcy but I’m still processing different ways to fix it if its possible. I have been robbed physically 2 months before Christmas due to hope and faith that the grant was real. In the end I realize that I’ve been scammed. I thought I was smarter but the motto stands true that if something seems to good to be true it probably is.

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