Metminco Limited

Joe –

Victim Location 10594

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by an email [email protected] claiming to have a job opportunity through US JOBS stating that they are offering an interview and a Mrs. Caroline Reed ([email protected]) would be contacting me and interview me through google hangouts.

She contacted me and asked questions in regards to work history. She informed me that my answers would be reviewed and then informed me that I got the position. She sent over an employment form along with a job description. I asked her to verify the company and she stated that an Admin officer would contact me ( via ). They did and stated that she does in fact work for the company.

She informed me that the pay would be through direct deposit, and that I would be contacted in regards to that information. I asked if I could be paid through paypal she stated she would look into it. I asked her if I would be receiving an employee handbook in which she stated yes. I never received either one.

The next few days I was given two tasks. One was to write an article about administrative assistant duties. The second was global recession affecting the United States. The third day I was told my task was "You will be going to the stores, at the store you purchase 3 amounts of $100 iTunes gift card at first store, then you proceed to the second store and repeat the same process, note you’re using to stores, because at the end of this task you will be getting back to me with a customer services comparison report between the 2 stores. We want to know if customer service is important in the growth of an organization."

I informed her that I was uncomfortable with this. She stated she would change the task for the day. I informed her that I have not been properly introduced to the process and that I was very suspicious of the operations that have been occurring. I informed them that I would further investigate because I did share personal information. She responded "okay". I asked for a termination letter to confirm.

I will provide all emails. I have included the conversation through google hangouts.

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