Michael Combs

Grant –

Victim Location 99503

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I was called today at 11:35am on my Work provided phone. An Anonymous caller stated I just won $2.5M dollars and needed to go drop off $399.00 to a lady name Dorothy Holder, a representative (He stated) of Bank of America at the local Fred Meyer’s Western Union location. I also was told to hand write a 6-digit code. Be at my house at a certain time (When Could I be Home, he asked) and he would hand over my check. He also stated there would be a U.S. Marshall along with himself. He told me his name is Michael Combs. His dialect or voice sounded very India(n). I asked him how did you get my Work number, how did I win money. He stated I submitted a Cash Coupon approximately in March of this year. I do not recall this.

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