Michael Dodd from Amazon Fraud Department

Cynthia – May 07, 2020

Victim Location 84105

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Rec’d phone message from "Amazon Fraud Dept" on May 4th, 2020. (the person used name of Michael Dodd from Flint, MI with phone number 810-337-8365) that someone hacked my Amazon account had attempted to purchase $721.00 worth of items. Of course, I called back immediately. His East Indian accent was so strong, it was difficult to understand and made for very painful conversation. However, his job was to straighten out all my accounts and make sure no charges went through and he was opening and closing accounts via anydesk.com (which I gave permission for). He was on my Paypal account to "make sure no unusual charges", then went to Nordstom account (which is closed) and found 2 gift cards for $100.each charged, went on game website "offgamers" (text msg from 310-61 to my phone), another website SEAGM (got text from 1-267-389-5175 with verification code), and best buy.com. I entered passwords when necessary, so he did not have access to those. Ultimately, I was on the phone for an 1.5 hours on May 4th, then had to go to an appt. He said he would call back at 2: 30 p.m. to finish business. He never called back on May 4th. I was worried all night, next day on May 5th, I called him back and another 90 minutes on phone to go through and "fix" all my accounts and "return" any fraudulent charges. Ultimately, "Michael" stated that only $470.00 worth of charges got made on my account, not the original $721.00 he told me. THEN, he remotely went on my back account and showed that $1000.00 was refunded (or pending) to my bank account and would take 2-3 days to clear. THIS overpayment was an accident with the system he said, due to Covid19, and now I had to pay Amazon back the money they had "over-deposited" into my account. I would just owe Amazon $500. and the additional $30 was mine to keep for inconvenience. LUCKILY, I had just misplaced my wallet, so had no debit card account number # to provide.

I did go down to my Credit Union to get $500.00 cash, so I could buy a gift card at Walmart, and then read the gift card # back to him, and he would transfer $$$ to Amazon. He asked me to "call (him) from the Walmart parking lot" when I got there, prior to purchasing the Walmart gift card. He said I also could get "cash" to facilitate the transaction by writing a check.

The Credit Union was closed when I got there, so headed on over to Walmart to see if they would take a check for $500.00, payable to cash. They only take cash or debit cards, no personal checks. Meanwhile, the customer service representative said this sounded TOO fishy, and ALOT of red flags. She was going to get her supervisor to come and talk to me. At that point, I WOKE UP and realized exactly how I had been manipulated. I was overwhelmed about my account being hacked and failed to SEE ALL THE SIGNS of fraud that were rolling out in front of me. I have NO IDEA why I ever believed the original phone message as I am usually very suspicious and have reported plenty of spoofing. I have reported this incident to Amazon Customer Service and will report other places as appropriate. Amazon (the real fraud department) contacted me by email today to confirm that their company would never call me on the phone and the caller is an imposter.

I have called the scammer back today, twice, to harrass him. Both times he thought I was "Nancy", I asked if he is attempting to bilk her out of money, also, and that he should be in jail. QUICK, find this person and his band of thieves. THANK YOU>

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