Michael Scott aka Desire Aholan

Cassie –

Victim Location 22973

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This individual is a dog scammer he has stollen images from another person and is having people pay him the total amount or half for the animal up front in order to hold in the form of a MoneyGram. The name on the MoneyGram does not match the name in any of the rest of the correspondence and he is not ok with just knowing the MoneyGram was done he requires the access code to the funds which means he can walk away with you money and never speak to you again. Nope! I called the day of our scheduled pickup and asked if we could video chat just to ensure the puppy was the puppy from the images and he said oh dog no longer available she sold. Her image is still hanging on his website two days later and I bet he will do the same thing to someone else soon. The dogs name is Lucy.

I researched the website domain registration, phone number, email address, and names provided; however nothing mached to Virginia Beach which is where this individual claimed go live and nothing matched to a legitimate business.

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