Michael Wantz

Rafael –

Victim Location 57032

Type of a scam Credit Cards

We received a request for an estimate. We provided an estimate. And very quickly realized it was an attempted scam.

On Tue 01/17/17 10:24 , Michael

> > > Wantz sent:

Okay here is the address: 1105 E Maple St,Harrisburg, SD 57032. sod including sprinklers . I want you to go by the address to take down measurements of my front yard and get back to me with a price …Michael Wantz

9166047407 – Pls kindly text not call bcus hearing impaired.

Mr Wantz agreed to have the job done but needed a favor……………the following is his text.

The favor is that.According to what you have said i believe that you will deliver a good job for me regarding the House. I would so appreciate you to start as soon as you get the access..The Ex-Owner will not allow you to do anything on the property as i still have a little sum to balance up for the cost of the house which is $5,450 This is happening because there were some changes in the house that cost the Ex-Owner more money than initially agreed.would have handled it myself but i am presently out of town for my surgery . Would need you to bill my credit card for both your service and the $5,450 which you will send to the Ex-Owner to him through cash deposit ( B.O.A bank) outlet nearest to him immediately the funds clear into your account So that he can make you start your job also to give you the access to start on scheduled date and also a $100 tip for you as well.I will be very happy if you can do this for me.

$5,450 is the balance fee accrued to the Ex-Owner

Your fee is $3,142 which am okay with and i will balance you as soon as you are done with the job .

$100 for your tip which i promise you

Credit card charges $100

Resulting the grand total to $8,792. I need to know if you have agreed to do this for me and my family so i can make the full payment

Thanks and GOD Bless

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