Michael’s Team, Circle of Service, LLC.

Meredith –

Victim Location 49426

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

An email sent from standing members.

Here’s the email I received:

"The statements we give to business owners always yield high percentage of general growth. You will be hired to work here with us. We shall send you to a business location like Walmart. You will monitor how staffs respond to customers, report back to us and we pay you $300 twice every week.

To get our training materials and start this work; reply now only to this email: ([email protected]) with your full name, phone number, physical contact address and zip code. You will not pay any money to start this work. Michael’s Team.Circle of Service, L L C. "

I checked on-line and found others had tried this out and found it to be a scam. They would ask you to deposit a check then want you to get a Walmart money order and send it to a specific person. Then their checks money never made it to your account.

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