Michel Gbagbo

Teresa –

Victim Location 31216

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

Please carefully read.

Sorry for the inconveniences it might occur to you, maybe if

you??re not interested in this my proposal I will be

offering to you now, and again also I will be very sorry if

my English writings do not meet your expectation??s,

please try to understands my country is officially a French

speaking country, but I have to use English language for

writing you in the way I can, because it??s the world

general business language which can simply understand in

anywhere in the world, well I am the son of the former

president of Cote D’Ivoire (ivory coast) in west Africa Mr.

Laurent Gbagbo.

I have acquired a lot of most valuable treasure from my

father when he was in power, such as many raw gold bars and

a total cash sum of 48 million united state

dollars deposited in a security volt here in my country but

it was declared as family treasure to the security volt,

which no one knows even my family members except my father

and me, but I have to relocate the gold bars and the whole

of the amount of the money to outside Africa for

security purposes, for now I believed it is no longer safe

in Africa continent.

So I am looking for very trustworthy person or partner from

one of this countries, European countries, USA, Canada, Asia

countries, Australia, japan and New Zealand, who will help

me for relocating the gold bars and the fund to their

country and after some time I will relocate to his or her

country for business partnership in any of the lucrative

business you may know well.

So please do get back to me as soon as possible and to

indicate your interest on this very transaction, so that I

will send you more information details about this very

transaction before we can move further so kindly get back to

me as soon as possible indicating your wiliness to help me

by telling me more about you and your company or

organization your handling for now.

Please take note:

You should contact me if you can accept the procedures.

You have to state you will accept the procedures.

If you don??t abide, I will just send your message to

trash box. I don??t have time to respond to tens of joker

brokers and time wasters. I only respond to a real serious

partner??s and mandates.

Have a very nice day.

Yours sincerely,

Michel Gbagbo

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