Michelle Crawford/Glass

Manuel –

Victim Location 30058

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Rental

I went to the socailserv.com website because I receive housing assistance and many people will not take it in decent areas. I contacted the landlord (her name was listed as differently- she said that she was twice divorced; they could be married names, if that was true) via phone from her phone number; which was on the site. We spoke for at least an hour during the initial conversation; I told her all about myself and she stated that even if my credit did not come back as she would like, she would still rent the house to me because she liked me.

I met her in person at the house two days later (04/10/17); it looked as if they were in the process of moving our, as she stated. I paid her my application fee; she said that she used a service called "TransUnion SmartMove". She was given $50 in order to complete the background and credit check through the site. I could not reach her for two days; when she finally contacted me, she claimed that the site was down and she could not pull up the report. Five days later (mind you: we are only given one landlord packet at a time and I gave her my only one) after I sent her a long text message; she finally responded and said that she could not rent me the house because I was evicted back in 2012. The problem with that story is that it is not true; I had an old leasing company begin the procedure, but once they found out that I had paid and the new clerk failed to file it properly…it was dismissed. The place was in the midst of switching owners; as they often did, which caused things to get lost/misplaced. It stated that the case was closed; once the receipt of the payment that they claimed I did not make was found. I belong to a f/b group for people that are looking for housing in GA; I found post by a woman that claims, the same scammer, just did the same thing to her. I have ten days to move and nowhere for my children and I to go. She wasted my time; it’s not even about the money, I NEED to move in 10 days and she just wasted almost two weeks of my time.

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