Michelle Williams

Patricia – Jun 06, 2020

Victim Location 40165

Type of a scam Employment

We have an exciting occupation opportunity in the vacant position of Quality Control Assistant in our expanding logistics company. We offer a very generous base remuneration with other perks. We will also train you so that you be effective in your new job. We discovered your CV and our company invites you to try out to be considered for a vacancy with our company. Simply reply to this email and a member of our HR department will contact you. Ignore this email if not interested.

Vacancy Title: Quality Control Assistant

Salary: $3000 per month

This appointment is tailored exceptionally to caretakers. If you are can continuously at house from 9am through 5pm, aforementioned working position should be ideal for you.You will carry on to operate with shipment.

You are going to must to accept packs, repack mentioned and send them to the finish destination. That job is hassle free and it is immaculately tailored for caretakers, elderly and others who either do actions from house or are at home during sun-up hours.There must be no heavyweight shipment. Above all shipment have trifles and suits. All job-related costs are on us.

To deal for our community you shall have a Internet ready PC, a cellular phone & ability to print required documents. The output of money you are going to be getting rely upon on the quantity of consignment you will be processing .During the trial period our employees obtain up to $3000 per month.

If you are interested, please contact us via email.

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