Janet –

Victim Location 02125

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Please get this website off the internet. When looking for Michael Kors bags website says it has sale on bags . Well the prices looked to good to be true. So I went on scamadvisor.com and inputted mickorsus. Scamadvisor stated website looked suspicious and might be unsafe. To find out info on website please look right below more site details and on right side of page click on expand details and it states owner, address, Server, name server. It’s too long to post on here. But there are 2 reviews about mickorsus. The 1st review is very important! I copied and pasted it from scamadvisor Review —This website goes by another name online that sell michael kors bags. The site is called bagsesale.com. Their site looks professional and real but their products are copy!!!!. Not AUTHENTIC Michael Kors!!!!!!!!. I bought one. They changed and discontinued their website. You can’t look them up anymore. This review I copied and pasted here states it goes by another name bagsesale.com. But in the review By accident reading it I clicked on (bagsesale.com). right away got this type of message. Forbidden You don’t have permission to access/ on this server.

www.bagsesale.com I stated this review is Important as this person stated they bought one not real changed names discontinued website. But I went on mickorsus and they are running scam site. on scamadvisor site under facts and click on Server . and name server and the owner of the site and will see and BBB Has to get them removed as much as possible. 5 different servers Over 30 Different websites that are shown and Owner name is not a real persons name!!! BBB please Do something about these scammers. PLEASE THIS IS A ORGANIZATION THAT IS RUNNING THESE SITES AND STEALING PEPLE MONEY SENDING OUT FAKE ITEMS AND WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE THEY COULD BE DOING, PLEASE GET RID OF THESE SCAMMERS,!! Do It Sooner than later? I don’t want to give my email address or last name Only because I don’t know who I’m reporting about and In this day and age afraid of who these people might be or might be part of. Thank you for understanding .thats why I posted the scamadvisor site and posted what I found there which is proof to you that all I’m stating is facts!!

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