Micro Network Solutions

Regina –

Victim Location 45030

Total money lost $399.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

January 31 was on computer and message popped up from Microsoft saying we had really bad problems with our computer. My computer was locked up and couldn’t x out. I called the numberand Sara Williams said we had 1,1712 hacking on our IPAddress and she would run a scan and show me how bad it was. It looked really bad and she said I would have to get someone to fix the problem. I told her I had Geek Squad and would call them. She said they could not fix problem we needed someone that did this type of work. I should have been alerted at that time but was to stupid to hear warning signs. She gave me an address at 125 Buttermilk Pike, Lakeside Park, KY or I could have Micro Network Solutions do it on line. I agreed to this and they called me and the charge was&399.99. I gave them my credit card number and they called me several timesto see if a certain screen showed up. Then called to say all finished. Called BBB and they couldn’t find anything on them. Told me to cancel credit card but charge had gone through.

Kaitlin –

Victim Location 50320

Total money lost $499.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

The scam started with very scary voice pop-up telling me that my personal information and passwords were in the process of being stolen. They gave this number to call 1-855-593-2378, which I did. Then the scam continues with someone pointing out the problems with my computer and IP address including all of those that are trying to hack into my computer. They ask for remote access and eventually a credit card number so that you can buy their software – CC Cleaner and some other thing I can’t remember, as I have not used that computer since that date. I would suspect that other malware or viruses were installed as I gave them access to my computer (the other option they gave was a local place that would take several business days to fix the issue vs. their ability to do so in less than an hour). After they download the software (and whatever else they install) the contact you repeatedly by phone/email asking that you speak to them to "let them know how your computer is working" or something along those lines. The voicemails are somewhat abrupt/rude at times and at times pleasant. They tell you that the name of their company is Micro Network Solutions, but I doubt that the company even exists even though they have what appears to be a somewhat legitimate website.

Brianna –

Victim Location 82007

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Tech Support

These people said my computer had a virus, and told me they could fix it for 400 USD. I told them they could fix it. I found out later on in the day I had been scammed. I told them yes out fear, but now I know better.

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