Microsoft Partner

Darrell –

Victim Location 66871

Type of a scam Tech Support

My laptop suddenly gave a white pop-up message to immediately call Microsoft (gave 800 number) due to serious virus infection (Trojan). It was white and looked just like an error message you get on your computer, and I assumed it was from my PC’s Microsoft. I called and was told by a technician that my computer was badly infected, and he showed me how my computer was incompatible with my current spyware, and he had me log in to something that supposedly shared my screen, showing me viruses in dos that some were connected and some weren’t yet. He didn’t suggest buying his product for over 20 minutes, just offered to fix my computer from the virus on it. As soon as I asked him how I knew he was from Microsoft, he started getting defensive, and when I pressed it, he hung up on me. But by then, I don’t know how much damage was done. I will have someone repair my computer today. PLEASE do not trust error messages that ask you to call in. Get Microsoft’s number from another source and call them. I think he was just headed toward selling me another PC spyware/malware package, but he could have done more damage.

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