Microsoft Tech Support- IMPOSTER

Michael –

Victim Location 90810

Type of a scam Tech Support

While doing an online search for a school, a message popped up with audio warning about a pornographic virus. It said if I didn’t call the number to take action immediately, I would be reported (to ??) and my passwords & credit card info would be compromised. After several attempts to close it, it just stayed on the screen and kept talking, I shut the computer off. I did call the number by the way, and the “ gentleman” that answered was very angry when I asked if he was a Microsoft employee. He actually raised his voice as he lied to me saying yes.

Carlos –

Victim Location 93550

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

I just got a new HP computer from Target and was having trouble setting it up. I needed to get help from the Microsoft tech support I had to call two or three times before I could take to someone that I could understand because of their heavy accent and they were upset with that. once I got someone I could understand he said I needed to buy anti virus software like Mcafee which I read I had a trial copy so when the insisted I get I hung up and call again for help . I did get someone that convinced me to turn over my computer to him and he would get me set upend help me add a printer to my laptop. He started telling me how I had a big problem I had a multiplier virus that was eating up my data he actually showed me how it was doing it. He said don’t worry he could fix it for $199.00 he said I know you can’t afford that and he hung up. Boxed the laptop and returned it to Target. That not all a week or two later I got another HP laptop from Target got some good and bad help in setting it up tell I bought a Microsoft office and tried to download the program like excel word etc I wouldn’t let them take over my computer like they wanted me to do.for a week I tried getting it to work I canceled the order of Microsoft office and wrote the worst review I could telling what a terrible company Microsoft was and they should be ashamed of themselves for providing he worst service Have ever did business with I told them that I know by me complaining like this I put myself in trouble because they have the power to do bad thing to me they should be ashamed ashamed ashamed of themselves one minute after I sent it I get a red border flashing notice YOUR COMPUTER HAS A VIRUS DO NOT TURN IT OFF AND CALL THIS PHONE TO GET IT FIX THERE. WILL BE A CHARGE FOR THIS. NOW THAT WASN’T A COINCIDENCE .I packed it up and took it back to Target and tried to get rid of everything that has to do with Microsoft Corp. I went to my local computer store they said they know about this scam dose Microsoft know three tech are doing it or are they a part of it.

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