Microsoft Tech?

Randi –

Victim Location 72761

Type of a scam Tech Support

On 11/2515 an India speaking man called (855 210-3300) saying that my computer was sending messages to Microsoft that I had several people trying to hack Dell computer. He used a logmein to get into my computer to "clean it up" all free of charge. He was on the computer for over an hour and then tried to sell me a 3 year plan for future protection for $360.00. When I declined he began predicting all of these terrible things that would happen and I hung up. I believe he was the actual hacker. He called back almost immediately with all these dire warnings and I hung up again. I was extremely nasty to him at this point. He called back again today 11/27/15 trying to get me to turn on my computer (which is now unplugged) . I went off on him again and hung up. I am afraid he can get into my other devices through my wifi.

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