Microsoft Technical Support Imposter

Lindsey –

Victim Location 33905

Type of a scam Tech Support

they call 3 to 5 times a days everyday for mouths it dont stop i try to block them i still get the call from voicemail I call and tell them stop calling they say its my computer calling them I SO HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THE [censored]

Wendy –

Victim Location 14215

Type of a scam Tech Support

Called my cell and told me that my home computer was getting hijacked and that I should go in front of my computer, turn it on, then follow their directions. Definitely a foreigner, could barely speak English.

Gabriel –

Victim Location 12033

Type of a scam Tech Support

Multiple calls from Mike Jones at Microsoft Technical Support. Each time he tells me my computer is infected and that he wants to help me remove bad things from my computer like malware and viruses. I tell him I have multiple computers and he wants to know if they are all on the same Internet connection so he can install a desktop icon – he wants me to go through all of the icons to see which one is the infection. I say no. I ask him to identify the computer he is looking to work on by the IP address it is connected to and he will not specify, just says he is calling about my computer. After asking him which device he is calling about, he hangs up. Two clues it was a scam: First, my laptop is the only personal windows-based computer device being used and it has been off for weeks. Second, I never reached out to Microsoft concerning any issues. Worthy of note, both calls on 12/8/2017 were to my cell phone.

Christina –

Victim Location 21014

Type of a scam Tech Support

This man calls, Mark Anderson, and says that someone is trying to hack into my computer from foreign marketing and some of my programs have stopped running. He says he has to get into the computer to show me, I let him in and he does show me something of the programs stopped running, he then tells me after 45 min. or so, that I can buy a program so that does not happen again, I tell him I will get back with him. My friend says take it to the Mircro Soft store, which I do because my computer is totally hacked now, frozen, and he has all my information. I had to leave computer at store for 4 days to clean it up, then my husband and I went to store on Sat. and sat with Tech. for 8.5 hrs. to restore all the programs, one of which Quick books would not work, so we ended up buying a new program, at this point we have spent close to $1,000 to pay for tech. support and new program. He then calls me back in a week someone from Micro Soft Tech support who says he has to get into my computer to up date it because it has not been updated since 2013, I told him you are a scrammer and never to call me again, but he told me I was an [censored], and that he will call me everyday, which he has been doing, but I do not answer. Very costly experience and such a mess to get back on line and have all the programs working; lucky I had Life Lock in place. I found out Micro Soft never calls anyone!!!

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