Microsoft technician imposter

Katelyn –

Victim Location 99216

Type of a scam Tech Support

When I open my laptop there was a virus pop up on my screen there was a phone nber and a message saying i have virus in my computer and that I need to call immediately and also says "don’t ignore this message or your computer will get turn off". So I called the number and the guy said he is a Microsoft technician and that he will help me. He asked for me to download something which I did but can’t remember what it was and then he went into my computer and he was able to control the keyboard and then he asked me to type my full name which I did as well. Also he said that I did not have network security and it’s important for me to have it. He then type on my computer the kind of network security system I need to get and the amount of money that will cost and said that in order for him to fix my computer o would need to purchase a network security system. When I told him I need to confined it with my husband he said okay but after I got back to him and told him I would not able to purchase it cause it is too expensive he then said that I can pay half today and half next time. I told to hold on I’m going to ask my father in law cause he know more about this stuff, he then got upset and said that he’s a technician guy and that he knows what I need. That’s when it concerned me but still didn’t think of it has a scam until o called my father in law. The fact that he got into my computer and control the keyboards and explain to e what was going on really got me. So now I’m afraid that he had got into my accounts and stuff.

Kristopher –

Victim Location 27320

Type of a scam Tech Support

Consumer reported that a voice came out of her computer saying that she need to call this number a ask for Chris Gordon "Microsoft technical support" since a scam installed malicious software on her computer.

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